Beyond Boundaries, Beyond Boards


Whether you're a professional planning your schedule, or an enthusiast organizing personal projects, or an consultant connecting with clietns, WhiteboardTeam transforms your routine into an collaborative and innovative experience. Unleash your creativity and turn mundane tasks into opportunities.


Revolutionize team collaboration with WhiteboardTeam, A powerful platform that transcends traditional boundaries. Ideal for teams of any size, it fosters real-time collaboration, breaking down geographical barriers and enhancing communication.


Whether you're an educator looking to engage students in interactive lessons, a student seeking a dynamic study aid, or a tutor facilitating remote sessions, WhiteboardTeam provides the ideal digital space. Explore a new dimension of engagement, creativity, and endless possibilities in education.

Online Collaborative Whiteboard

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Real-Time Collaboration

Experience the power of collaboration in real-time. Multiple users can work on the same canvas simultaneously.


Unlimited Members

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited members for seamless group collaboration and idea-sharing.

no installation

No Installation

Your Whiteboard is accessible directly from your web browser, allowing you to dive into real-time collaboration and creativity without the need for any software installation.



Leave comments, Discuss ideas, provide feedback, and engage in conversations directly within your shared whiteboard.



Extend the capabilities of your whiteboard with Chat, Timer, Emojis and more.



Jumpstart your creativity with a variety of templates designed for different purposes. From project planning to educational.

For every kinds of teams

Work together in real-time as if you were in the same room.
A solution for almost everything

Projects & Strategy

Plan projects, Prioritize tasks, Develop strategies, Align team members

Projects & Strategy

Brainstorming and Ideation

Gather and organize ideas, Solve problems, Unlock your team's creativity

Projects & Strategy


Teach, Explain and visualize, Lead engaging online classroom.

Projects & Strategy

Meetings & Workshops

Facilitate sessions, Host virtual events.

Projects & Strategy

Remote Collaboration

Bring all your teams and clients together, Draw together, Think together.

Projects & Strategy

Work together, even apart.

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