The online collaborative whiteboard

Be on the same page with your team

Stay home, work together



Changes you make are broadcasted to other participants within a few seconds.


Save your works

No need to take photo of whiteboard anymore! Create as many boards as you need.



Share with anyone! Invite your team mates or friends to your boards to share ideas.



Chat with your teammates without leaving your board

no installation

No installation

All you need is a modern browser. It works on desktop, tablet or mobile.

what's next

What's Next

We continuously add new features.

Connect your remote team

Work together in real-time as if you were in the same room.
Online Whiteboard

Collaborate with your team in real-time

Whether your teams are co-located, distributed, or remote with Whiteboard Team you will experience real-time teamwork on an online whiteboard.

shared whiteboard

Get a real-time and visual feedback

Increase productivity and efficiency by collaborating on a real-time online whiteboard. Whiteboard Team enables you to collaborate and communicate better.

remote whiteboarding

Visualize and explain your ideas.

Whiteboard Team provides an infinite zoomable canvas with basic shapes and sticky notes to help you visually express and share your thoughts.

team work

What is your use case?

Meeting and collaborating
Ideation and Brainstorming
Marketing and Sales
Teaching and Explaining
Strategy & Planning
And more!
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